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Destroying PFAS with ready-now sustainable, advanced technologies.

Total PFAS Destruction. No Harmful Byproducts.

Revive Environmental™ delivers ready-now, exclusive technology to treat and destroy environmental contaminants. We offer flexible, lifecycle solutions to mitigate both dilute and concentrated PFAS under a variety of use case scenarios.

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)

We provide lifecycle solutions for the cleanout, removal, transportation and destruction of PFAS in AFFF. These solutions include on-site and off-site services, depending on your use-case scenario.

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Our patented technology is the final destruction step for leachate that is treated and concentrated using foam fractionation technology or reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

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Drinking Water / Wastewater

We deploy custom, ready-now PFAS treatment and destruction solutions for drinking and wastewater systems to assist owner/operators in achieving compliance with existing or upcoming PFAS discharge limits.

What are PFAS?

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a class of chemicals found in everyday items like water-resistant fabric, makeup, and non-stick cookware. PFAS are commonly referred to as “forever chemicals” due to their durability and persistence in the environment.

Their strength is due to the carbon-fluorine bond, one of the strongest bonds in chemistry. PFAS have been found in air, soil, and water supplies and studies have linked their presence to multiple health effects in humans.

Photo: The molecule structure of PFAS chemicals

Exclusive Technology Services

Flexible solutions to tackle the most complex emerging contaminants.

A Message from the CEO

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“I’m excited about the launch of Revive Environmental™ and what this means for the future of PFAS remediation and the destruction of forever chemicals in our environment.”

David Trueba
President and CEO

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