Reducing the cost of GAC reactivation with an innovative, on-site solution

Our GAC RENEW™ technology enables on-site regeneration of granular activated carbon (GAC) that optimizes for time, resources, and energy. Revive Environmental has a deep understanding of how to use extraction-based, non-thermal technology to address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the granular activated carbon (GAC) used to treat groundwater and drinking water.

Our mobile GAC RENEW™ technology regenerates granular activated carbon on-site, extending its lifespan, minimizing downtime, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

How it Works

gac renew process diagram

Our extraction-based technology for on-site GAC regeneration is intended for dual GAC tank systems. One tank is taken offline while the second tank allows GAC treatment to continue uninhibited during regeneration.

The regenerant solution is brought to location and is cycled through the GAC tank for the required number of bed volumes. The spent regenerant solution is distilled to recycle the extract solution and prepare the PFAS concentrated extract for destruction by the PFAS Annihilator®. After the extraction step, potable water is passed through that tank to rinse the GAC before putting it back online.

PFAS Annihilator®

Learn how the PFAS Annihilator® destroys PFAS and prevents them from transferring elsewhere, all without creating harmful byproducts.

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